Spinning is undeniably fun. Whether it is the excitement of getting a win or the slight disappointment when you don’t, Coin Master provides a thrilling gaming experience. This addictive game has caught the attention of gamers worldwide, and the spin feature is a major reason why it’s so entertaining.

However, understanding how to optimize your spinning technique can make a significant difference in your gaming experience. So, let’s dive into some Coin Master spinning tips.

Coin Master Spinning Basics

When you play Coin Master, spinning the slot machine costs 1 spin at a time. The number of spins left can be found just below the slot machine, and it decreases by 1 for every spin you perform. As a player, you start with a maximum of 50 spins. Once you exhaust these spins, a waiting period is imposed for spin regeneration.

Spins regenerate every hour, giving players 5 additional spins until the count reaches 50 again. That means you would have to wait for about 10 hours to fully replenish your spins to 50.

One recommended strategy is to allow your spins to refill to at least half before starting to play again. You can save or stock up to 50, 60, or even 70 spins depending on your playing level.

So, when do you actually win? The slot machine consists of three slots with three reels and five distinct symbols:

  1. Bag of Coin
  2. Hammers
  3. Pig Bandits
  4. Shields
  5. Coins
  6. Spin Capsules

Aligning all the same symbols in a row lets you perform an action and potentially win rewards. But what rewards can you win from each of these symbols? Let’s break it down.

Bag of Coins

As you might guess, the Bag of Coins symbol gives you coins—lots of them. When you spin and land on a Bag of Coins, you earn a significant amount of coins. However, the specific number of coins depends on the number of villages you have.

Interestingly, you don’t need a complete row of Bags of Coins to earn a reward. Getting a single Bag of Coins grants a small reward, but aligning a whole row results in a much larger payout. Keep in mind that the total from a complete row is far greater than four individual Bags of Coins.


Landing on three Shields in a row gives you one Shield as a reward. Shields are crucial as they protect your village from enemy attacks. During these attacks, a Shield minimizes the coins you lose.

You can stack up to three Shields, each capable of defending your base from one enemy attack. Shields also protect your buildings’ star ratings from being negatively affected by attacks.

The same principle applies when you are attacking players who have Shields. The attacker still gains 50,000 coins, even if their attack is blocked, but the target’s buildings remain undamaged. Shields, however, don’t protect you from raids.


Aligning three Coins after spinning gets you even more coins. However, the number of coins you receive will depend on your current village level—the higher your level, the more coins you earn. As you advance levels, your village upgrades also increase, which is an added bonus.

Spin Capsules

Aligning three Spin Capsules rewards you with additional spins. The number of extra spins often depends on the number of maximum bets or other rewards.


Three Hammers allow you to attack other players and damage their villages. If your Facebook account is linked with Coin Master, you can choose to attack a friend, otherwise, the game selects a random player.

When you get a Hammer, you’ll see a list of potential targets. You can choose to attack a random village or seek revenge on those who have damaged your village. Once you select a target, their village appears on your screen.

You’re then prompted to select which building to attack. Each attack earns you coin rewards and reduces the targeted building’s star rating.

Pig Bandits

The Pig Bandits symbol, represented by a grinning pig wearing a bandit mask, allows you to raid your “Coin Master” – a player with the most coins.

Unlike attacks, you cannot select your raid target. The player is randomly selected and displayed above the slot machine.

Tips for Earning Free Spins

As exciting as spinning is, it’s even better when you can spin for free. Here are some ways to earn coin master free spins:

  • Daily Free Spins: Coin Master rewards daily free spins to its players. Ensure you log in every day to claim them.
  • Inviting Friends: Invite your friends to play Coin Master. When they join using your invite, you get free spins.
  • Participating in events: Coin Master frequently organizes events that offer free spins as rewards.

Remember, the number of free spins you can hold at a time depends on your level. If you’re looking for more detailed strategies to maximize your spins, check out these alternative ways to get free spins and coins in Coin Master.

Ghost Mode and Its Advantages

Ghost mode is a trick that allows you to play Coin Master in stealth mode. It keeps your account public while you get the chance to attack others without fear of retaliation. Learn how to get ghost mode on Coin Master here.

In Conclusion

Coin Master is a fun and engaging game where spins and coins play a pivotal role. Utilize the spinning tips mentioned above and enhance your gaming experience. Keep in mind that the more you play and the higher your level, the better the rewards.

Make sure to upgrade your villages, protect them with shields, and use the hammer and pig bandits to attack and raid other villages. Check the complete coin master village list here and learn more about the game here. Happy spinning!

References and Further Reading

For more information about Coin Master, including details about its pets, check out Coin Master Pets. Also, see Is Coin Master Free to Play? for more insights about the game. Lastly, keep this link handy to get your Coin Master free spins regularly.

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