The world of Coin Master is an adventurous one. Every player has a distinct role to play, and the ultimate aim is to build and protect a flourishing village. An intriguing aspect of this game lies in its unique characters – the pets.

These pets, namely the Tiger, Rhino, and Foxy, lend an essential helping hand to players throughout the game. This article sheds light on these fascinating Coin Master pets and their significant role in helping you gain coin master free spins and protecting your village.

Tiger: Boosting Your Bounty

If you’re an avid player of Coin Master, you already know that attacking another player’s village earns you coins. What if there was a way to boost this earning? That’s where the Tiger comes in.

The Tiger is a loyal companion that enhances the number of coins you earn from attacks. With each increasing level, the Tiger’s ability to boost your coin earnings also escalates. Imagine it as your loyal sidekick, always ready to give you that extra push towards victory!

Tiger levelCoin Boost

Rhino: Your Personal Shield

After completing the Creatures Card Collection, players can unlock another faithful ally – the Rhino. The Rhino is not just another pet; it acts as your personal shield during attacks on your village.

An active Rhino possesses the potential to block attacks from enemies. It’s like having a personal bodyguard for your village when you are out of shields! With the help of XP potions, you can level up the Rhino. This advancement boosts Rhino’s chances of successfully defending an enemy attack.

At a base level, the Rhino has only a 10% chance of saving the village from an enemy attack. However, as you level up, the chances increase, fortifying your village’s security.

The Foxy: The Clever Assistant

Among the Coin Master Pets, Foxy is the first one that a player unlocks at Village level 4. Foxy, like its namesake, is a clever and valuable companion that assists players throughout the game.

When you raid someone’s base, you only get three shovels and four holes. Foxy jumps in as the fourth shovel, digging up the extra hole. This trick not only ensures a successful raid but also provides an additional chance to find more coins or even a chest. Foxy thus significantly enhances your opportunity to acquire free spins.

Using Coin Master Pets Effectively

Mastering the use of Coin Master pets can be your game-changer, especially if you aim to advance quickly through the Coin Master villages.

Each pet has its unique abilities. Using these abilities at the right time can not only strengthen your defenses but also enhance your earning opportunities. The Tiger boosts your earnings, the Rhino provides a protective shield, and Foxy assists in successful raids.

Understanding these pets and their powers can truly help you become a master of the Coin Master universe.


In the enticing world of Coin Master, pets play a crucial role. They are not merely decorative additions, but strategic tools that, when used effectively, can expedite your progress through the game.

Whether it is the Tiger boosting your coins, the Rhino shielding your village, or the Foxy aiding in raids, each pet contributes significantly to your Coin Master journey.

So, next time you set foot in one of the Coin Master villages, remember to take your pets along. After all, every master needs their loyal companions!

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