Clay is a young dragon who was hatched in the rainforest of the Eastern Wing of the world. He is the youngest dragon in his clutch (group of eggs), and is also one of the smallest. Clay is shy and withdrawn, but is also very determined and stubborn. He is always trying to prove himself to his clutch-mates and elders, even if he doesn’t always succeed. Clay is very loyal to his family and friends, and is always willing to help out when he can. He is still learning about the world around him, but he is a quick learner and is always willing to learn new things.

  • 1. Clay is a dragon who is introduced in the book Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir.
  • 2. He is a mute dragon who has a very close relationship with Queen Ruby.
  • 3. Clay is one of the main characters in the book and is integral to the plot.
  • 4. He is a strong and determined dragon who is always willing to help his friends.
  • 5. Despite his lack of speech, Clay is a very wise dragon who has a lot to offer.
  • 6. He is a valuable member of the dragon kingdom and will no doubt play a major role in future books.
  • 7. Fans of the Wings of Fire series are sure to love Clay and his story.

Who is the protagonist of Wings of Fire?

Clay is the protagonist of Wings of Fire.

Who is the Queen of the NightWings?

The Queen of the NightWings is Starflight.

Who is the second dragon to appear in the book?

The second dragon to appear in the book is Tsunami.

What is the name of the NightWing dragon who helps Clay?

The NightWing dragon who helps Clay is Moonwatcher.

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