Simon’s death is on page 83.

The Death of Simon in Lord of the Flies

Simon is killed by the other boys on the island after he wanders into the thick of the forest, where the beast is thought to reside. The boys are terrified of the beast, and Simon’s death is the result of their hysteria and fear.

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The Role of Simon’s Death in the Overall Plot of Lord of the Flies

Simon’s death is a pivotal moment in the plot of Lord of the Flies. It is the event that finally convinces the boys that there is a beast on the island, and that it is a threat that must be dealt with.

The Significance of Simon’s Death

Simon’s death is significant because it marks a turning point in the boys’ understanding of the situation on the island. Up to this point, they had been largely in denial about the reality of their situation. Simon’s death forces them to confront the reality of their situation, and to take action to address it.

The Aftermath of Simon’s Death

The aftermath of Simon’s death is traumatic for the boys. They are horrified by what they have done, and they are left with a sense of guilt and remorse. This trauma will have a lasting impact on them, and will play a role in shaping their characters later in the novel.

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How Simon’s Death Was Portrayed in the Film Version of Lord of the Flies

In the film version of Lord of the Flies, Simon’s death is portrayed very realistically. The scene is graphic and violent, and it is clear that Simon is brutally killed. This scene is very effective in conveying the horror and tragedy of Simon’s death.

The Theories Surrounding Simon’s Death

There are several theories surrounding Simon’s death. One theory is that he was killed intentionally by the other boys, as a way of eliminating a potential threat. Another theory is that he was killed unintentionally, as a result of the boys’ hysteria and fear. There is no definitive answer to this question, and it remains a mystery.

The Legacy of Simon’s Death

Simon’s death has a lasting impact on the characters in Lord of the Flies. It teaches them about the dark side of human nature, and it shows them the dangers of allowing their fears to control them. Simon’s death also marks a turning point in the plot of the novel, and it is essential to the development of the story.

Who kills Simon?

Simon is killed by the boys on the island.

How does Simon die?

Simon is killed by the boys when they think he is the beast.

What is the significance of Simon’s death?

Simon’s death is significant because it shows how the boys are starting to lose their innocence.

5. What does Simon’s death represent?

Simon’s death represents the end of innocence for the boys on the island.

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