Isimo is a Spanish word that means “jealousy.” It’s used to describe the feeling you get when you’re worried that someone might be trying to take your partner or friend away from you.

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1. What is Isimo in Spanish?

Isimo is a word in the Spanish language that is used to ask someone what their name is. It is pronounced “ees-e-moe”.

2. How do you say ‘What is your name?’ in Spanish?

To say “What is your name?” in Spanish, you would say “¿Cómo se llama?” (koh-moh seh yah-mah).

3. Spanish phrases for beginners

Spanish phrases for beginners

There are a few basic Spanish phrases that beginners should learn. These phrases include “How are you?” (“¿Cómo estás?”), “Thank you” (“Gracias”), and “Where is the bathroom?” (“¿Dónde está el baño?”).

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4. How to say ‘Where is the bathroom?’ in Spanish?

To say “Where is the bathroom?” in Spanish, you would say “¿Dónde está el baño?”

5. Common Spanish words and phrases

Some common Spanish words and phrases include “hello” (“hola”), “goodbye” (“adios”), “please” (“por favor”), and “thank you” (“gracias”).

6. Spanish greetings and farewells

Spanish greetings and farewells include “hello” (“hola”), “goodbye” (“adios”), “thank you” (“gracias”), and “excuse me” (“perdón”).

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7. Spanish pronunciation tips

When pronouncing Spanish words, it is important to remember that Spanish has two accents: the acute accent and the grave accent. The acute accent is used to mark stress on a word, and the grave accent is used to show that a letter is not pronounced.

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