Innocor Comfort is a foam insulation product. It is made of polyurethane foam and is used in both commercial and residential applications. Innocor Comfort is a Class I fire retardant, which means it will not ignite or support combustion. It also has a high thermal resistance, meaning it resists heat flow. This makes Innocor Comfort an ideal insulation product for both new construction and renovations.

What is Innocor Comfort?

Innocor Comfort is a gel-based product that is designed to improve the comfort of a person’s sleep. The gel is placed in a pillowcase, and the pillow is then used to sleep on.

How does Innocor Comfort work?

The gel in Innocor Comfort is designed to keep the head cool while the person sleeps. This is supposed to help improve the quality of their sleep.

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What are the benefits of Innocor Comfort?

Some of the benefits of using Innocor Comfort include improved quality of sleep, decreased pain, and improved mood.

Who should use Innocor Comfort?

Innocor Comfort is designed for people who have difficulty sleeping. This includes people who have pain, people who are pregnant, and people who are recovering from surgery.

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When should Innocor Comfort be used?

Innocor Comfort should be used when a person needs to improve their quality of sleep. This can be done on a regular basis or as needed.

Where can Innocor Comfort be purchased?

Innocor Comfort can be purchased online or at certain stores.

How much does Innocor Comfort cost?

Innocor Comfort costs around $40 per pillow.

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