Well, I’m not too sure what happened to him exactly. I think he might have moved to Mexico after their divorce. Jenni always talked about how much she loved him, so it was a bit of a shock when they announced their split. I think he might have had a hard time dealing with all the attention she got from the media. Anyway, I hope he’s doing well.

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Juan’s Current Whereabouts

Juan is apparently in hiding since news of his and Jenni’s split broke. He has not been seen in public since the announcement and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Jenni’s Thoughts on Juan

Jenni has been very vocal about her thoughts on Juan since their split. She has accused him of being a cheater and of having multiple affairs during their marriage. She has also said that she is glad to be rid of him and that she hopes he suffers for what he has done.

The Divorce Proceedings

The divorce proceedings between Jenni and Juan are still ongoing. There have been no updates since the initial announcement, so it is unknown how things are proceeding.

What Juan Has Said About the Split

Juan has made a few statements about the split, but he has not given any details about why things ended. He has said that he is sad about what has happened and that he hopes to be able to talk to Jenni soon.

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How the Fans Are Reacting

The fans have been largely divided on the split. Some are supporting Jenni and accusing Juan of being at fault, while others are still backing Juan and hoping that he and Jenni will get back together.

What’s Next for Jenni and Juan

It is still unclear what is next for Jenni and Juan. They have both said that they would like to try to remain friends, but it is unknown if that is possible. They have also not said whether they plan to pursue a divorce or if there is any chance of reconciliation.

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Photos of Jenni and Juan During Happier Times

What is the current status of Juan’s relationship with Jenni Rivera?

Juan is currently single and has been since his divorce from Jenni Rivera.

Did Jenni Rivera file for divorce from Juan?

Yes, Jenni Rivera did file for divorce from Juan.

Did Juan cheat on Jenni Rivera during their marriage?

There is no evidence that Juan cheated on Jenni Rivera during their marriage.

What was the reason for Jenni Rivera and Juan’s divorce?

The reason for Jenni Rivera and Juan’s divorce was due to irreconcilable differences.

What is Juan’s current relationship status?

Juan is currently single and has been since his divorce from Jenni Rivera.

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