Ryan Reynolds is a busy guy. He’s starred in a number of successful movies, including “The Proposal” and “Deadpool.” He’s also a husband and father of two. So when he has down time, he really enjoys it.

For Reynolds, one of the best things about down time is getting to spend time with his kids. His daughter James is four years old, and his son Ines is just six months old. Reynolds loves to take his kids out and play with them. He also enjoys reading to them and watching movies together.

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Reynolds is also a big fan of sports. He’s a major hockey fan, and he’s been known to drop everything to go watch a game. He’s also a fan of the Green Bay Packers.

The role that got Ryan Reynolds excited was the role of Deadpool in the movie of the same name. 1

But what really gets Reynolds excited is his work. He loves acting, and he loves making movies. He’s passionate about his work, and he loves the challenge of making a great film. Reynolds is also a perfectionist, and he always wants to make sure that he gives his best performance.

Reynolds is a busy guy, but he loves spending time with his family and enjoying his work. He’s a talented actor and a great father. He’s definitely someone to watch in the years to come.

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1. The role that got Ryan Reynolds excited was the role of Deadpool in the movie of the same name.

2. What he loved about the role was the challenge of playing a character who breaks the fourth wall and talks to the audience.

3. The challenge of the role was to make the character believable and likeable despite his snarky attitude and tendency to break the rules.

4. His preparation for the role included studying motion capture and learning how to sword fight.

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5. The experience of shooting the role was a lot of fun, and he enjoyed working with the rest of the cast and crew.

6. His thoughts on the finished product were positive, and he felt that it captured the essence of the character well.

7. What he learned from the experience was that it is important to have a good sense of humor when playing a comic book character, and to not take things too seriously.

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