Soil level is a function on some washing machines that adjusts the level of water that is used to clean the clothes based on the level of soil on the clothes. There are three soil levels to choose from: heavy, medium, and light.

Soil Level Settings on a Washing Machine:

There are typically four soil levels on a washing machine- Extra Heavy, Heavy, Normal, and Light.

What Soil Level Means:

Soil level is how much soil or detergent is used in each load of laundry.

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What the Levels Represent:

The soil levels represent how much soil or detergent will be used in each load of laundry.

How to Change the Soil Level Setting:

To change the soil level setting, locate the soil level selector on your washing machine and select the level that corresponds with the amount of soil in your laundry.

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What Happens When the Soil Level is Changed:

When you change the soil level setting, the washer will automatically adjust the water level, rinse time, and spin speed to ensure that your laundry is cleaned properly.

Which Level is Best for You:

The best soil level setting for you will depend on how dirty your laundry is.

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