PML is an acronym which stands for Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy. It is a rare, serious neurological disorder caused by the damage to the white matter in the brain. This damage can interrupt the communication between the brain’s cells and lead to a variety of symptoms, including seizures, vision problems, and difficulty walking. PML typically affects people who have weakened immune systems, such as those with HIV/AIDS or cancer. There is no cure for PML, but treatment options are available to help improve quality of life.

What is PML?

PML is a rare and serious viral infection that affects the brain. It is caused by the JC virus, which is a common virus that most people are infected with at some point in their lives. The JC virus usually does not cause any problems, but in some people it can cause PML.

What are the symptoms of PML?

The symptoms of PML can vary from person to person, but typically include changes in mood or behaviour, problems with thinking or reasoning, changes in vision, and seizures.

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What are the causes of PML?

The cause of PML is the JC virus, which is a common virus that most people are infected with at some point in their lives. In some people, the JC virus can cause PML.

How is PML diagnosed?

PML is diagnosed by a blood test to detect the presence of the JC virus, as well as by a MRI scan of the brain to look for signs of infection.

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What is the treatment for PML?

The treatment for PML depends on the individual case, but may include medication to suppress the immune system, antiviral medication, and/or radiation therapy.

What are the prognosis for people with PML?

The prognosis for people with PML varies depending on the individual case, but it is a serious infection and often leads to death.

What research is being done on PML?

There is currently research being done on PML to better understand the virus and find new treatments for the infection.

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