There’s nothing like a cold can of Sprite when you’re feeling sick. The sweet, citrusy taste is refreshing and revitalizing. Plus, Sprite is caffeine-free, so it won’t keep you up at night.

  • Sprite is a popular drink choice for people who are sick.
  • Some people believe that Sprite can help cure a cold.
  • There is no scientific evidence to support this claim.
  • Sprite can actually have negative effects on the body when you are sick.
  • Sprite should not be consumed as a means of curing a cold.
  • There are other, more effective, ways to cure a cold.
  • Sprite should not be consumed when you are sick.

Is Sprite good when you’re sick?

What are some other drinks that are good when you’re sick?

Some other drinks that people find helpful when they are sick include ginger ale, water, and tea. All of these drinks are hydrating and can help to soothe a sore throat.

What are some other drinks that are bad when you’re sick?

Some other drinks that are bad for you when you are sick include alcohol and sugary drinks. These drinks can actually make you feel worse and dehydrate you further.

What are some foods that are bad when you’re sick?

Some foods that are bad for you when you are sick include fatty and processed foods. These foods can be difficult to digest and can make you feel sluggish.

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