Yes, CDKeys is a legit website in 2019. You can buy genuine, legitimate game keys from them for various games. They have an extensive selection of titles on their site and the prices are reasonable.

The keys you purchase will work just like keys bought from other retailers. However, there have been some complaints about customer service in the past.

Is CDKeys legit Reddit 2022?

Yes, CDKeys is a legit website. You can find many good deals on there for video games and other products. However, as with any online purchase, you should always be careful and make sure you are getting your key from a reputable source.

There have been some reports of people being scammed by fake sellers on CDKeys, so just be cautious and do your research before buying anything. Overall, CDKeys is a great website with plenty of legitimate deals to be found.

Is CDKeys legit 2022?

Based on the review, it seems that CDKeys is not a reliable website to buy keys from. The customer had an issue with a key that was already redeemed, and after contacting customer service, they never received a new key or a response. It’s best to avoid this website and find another source for game keys.

Is CDkeys com legit 2022?

Is CDkeys com legit 2022

Based on the details provided, it appears that CDkeys com is not a legitimate website and should be avoided. It seems that they sell already redeemed codes, which is obviously not what you want when purchasing a product.

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Additionally, they stop responding to customer inquiries, which is very unprofessional. Based on this information, it is best to find another website to purchase your products from.

Can CDKeys be trusted?

CDKeys is a website that offers legal game codes for purchase. However, because it is in the “gray market” some customers may be concerned about its legitimacy.

CDKeys is a safe and trustworthy website to buy from. All of the products sold on the site are done so legally, though the brands represented may not have given their permission for the sale.

This means that customers can be confident they will receive a working game code when they make a purchase from CDKeys.

Because of the nature of the site, however, it is important to double check pricing and reviews before making a purchase to ensure you are getting a good deal.

Is CDKeys a legit website?

CDKeys is a website where you can purchase game codes. While some customers may be concerned about buying codes from the site, CDKeys is a safe and legitimate way to do so.

The site is in the “gray market,” which means that all of the products are sold legally but don’t necessarily have the respective brand’s permission.

However, this doesn’t mean that CDKeys isn’t a reputable website – on the contrary, the site has been around for over six years and has built up a solid reputation amongst gamers. So if you’re looking to buy game codes, CDKeys is definitely a website worth checking out.

Is CDKeys a sus?

There is no easy answer to this question. While CDKeys has been around for a while and appears to be a legitimate company, there have been some concerning reports about its business practices.

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For example, some customers have complained that they were charged more than the advertised price, or that their account was suddenly suspended without explanation.

There have also been reports of customer service issues, such as difficulty getting refunds or having questions answered in a timely manner.

Overall, it seems that CDKeys may not be the most reliable company to deal with, and it may be best to avoid doing business with them if possible.

Can I trust CDKeys cheap?

Can I trust CDKeys cheap

Based on our testing and the majority of reviews, it seems that CDKeys is mostly a reliable and legal way to buy cheap games.

However, we have had some personal experiences buying from CDKeys in the past where things have not gone as smoothly as we would have liked.

Overall, it seems that CDKeys is a decent option for those looking to save money on their video game purchases, but there are certainly some risks involved.

Is CDkeys legit Reddit 2022?

If you’re looking to buy game keys, it’s important to only purchase them from authorized sites. G2A, Kinguin, CDKeys and others are not authorized sellers and they rely on third-party providers (sometimes with illegal methods) to get their keys.

This means that there’s a higher risk of your key being invalid or already used. So, if you want a secure purchase, make sure you buy from an authorized site.

Is CDKeys com legit 2022?

CDKeys com is not a legitimate website and you should not purchase anything from them. In 2022, this website is just a big scam. I recently bought a key from them and they sent me an already redeemed code.

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After constant emailing back and forth with the company, they still never sent me a new code and eventually just stopped responding. Also, the phone number they have listed just comes up as user busy.

Can you get scammed on CDKeys?

Can you get scammed on CDKeys

If you’re looking for a third-party key reseller, then is definitely one of the most reliable platforms out there. With years of experience in the industry, they have built up a strong reputation as a trusted source for keys that almost always work without any problems.

So if you’re worried about whether or not you might get scammed on CDkeys, the answer is no – in terms of working as intended, they are definitely legit and trustworthy.

How is CDKeys so cheap?

CDKeys is an online retailer that sells game keys and digital codes for various gaming platforms. The company is based in the United Kingdom and was founded in 2009.

CDKeys has a wide variety of titles available for purchase, and the prices are often significantly lower than those of other retailers. There are a few factors that contribute to CDKeys’ low prices.

  • First, the company buys games in bulk directly from publishers and developers. This allows them to get a significant discount that they can pass on to customers.
  • Second, CDKeys doesn’t have any physical storefronts, so they don’t have the same overhead costs as traditional retailers.
  • Finally, CDKeys uses a subscription model for some of its services, which helps to keep costs down. Overall, these factors make CDKeys one of the most affordable places to buy video games.
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