Natsuki dies in DDLC by committing suicide. She is struggling with a lot of personal issues, and decides that the only way to escape them is to end her life. Yuri discovers her body, and it deeply affects her. Natsuki’s death is one of the main things that drives Yuri to eventually become insane.

1. The most popular fan theory about how Natsuki dies in DDLC is that she kills herself. This is based on the fact that Natsuki is the only character in the game who is never shown in the school after Monika deletes her character. Some fans believe that she kills herself out of jealousy towards Yuri, while others believe that she kills herself because she can’t handle the fact that she’s been replaced by Yuri.

2. Natsuki’s death is foreshadowed in the game in a few different ways. For example, in her character file, Natsuki’s “Favorite Word” is “Rejection”. Additionally, her poem “The Day I Met You” talks about how she was suicidal before she met the player character.

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3. There are a few different ways that Natsuki could potentially die in the game. For example, she could commit suicide like the most popular fan theory suggests, or she could be killed by Monika if she finds out about the game.

4. The most popular fan theories about Natsuki’s death are all just theories, and there is no definitive answer about how she actually dies. However, the suicide theory seems to be the most popular one, based on the evidence that is presented in the game.

5. Natsuki’s death affects the other characters in the game in a few different ways. For example, Yuri becomes much more withdrawn and depressed after Natsuki’s death, and Monika becomes much more manipulative and controlling.

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6. The symbolism behind Natsuki’s death in DDLC is complex and can be interpreted in a number of different ways. Some people believe that her death symbolizes the end of innocence and childhood, while others believe that it represents the dangers of teenage suicide.

7. What Natsuki’s death means for the future of DDLC is still up for debate. Some people believe that it means that the game is over and that there is no more hope for the characters, while others believe that it could hint at a possible sequel or continuation to the game.

Similar Questions

What is the cause of Natsuki’s death in DDLC?

Natsuki’s death is caused by a stab wound to the chest.

How does Yuri learn of Natsuki’s death?

Yuri learns of Natsuki’s death when she finds Natsuki’s body in the library.

How does Monika react to Natsuki’s death?

Monika reacts to Natsuki’s death by deleting her from the game.

How does Sayori react to Natsuki’s death?

Sayori reacts to Natsuki’s death by becoming suicidal.

What impact does Natsuki’s death have on the other characters?

Natsuki’s death has a significant impact on the other characters. Yuri becomes depressed, Monika becomes suicidal, and Sayori becomes suicidal and depressed.

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