To cancel a Groupon campaign, go to the Merchant Center and click on the Orders tab. Find the order you wish to cancel and click the Cancel button.

You will be asked to confirm your cancellation. Once you confirm, the campaign will be canceled and the groupon will no longer be valid.

How do I find my Groupons?

If you’re looking to find your Groupons, the process is easy.

  • First, log into your Groupon account.
  • You’ll see your user name in green at the top right corner of the page.
  • Hover over this with your cursor, and a drop-down menu will appear.
  • From there, select “My Groupons.”
  • This will take you to a page where you can view all of your vouchers.
  • Each voucher has its own code that you’ll need in order to redeem it.
  • In addition, each voucher also has a security code that’s required for redemption.
  • When you’re ready to use your Groupon, just enter both codes at checkout and enjoy the savings!
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How do I edit a Groupon campaign?

If you want to edit a Groupon campaign that you’ve already created, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Log into Merchant Center and click on the “Active” tab in the Campaigns section.
  • From here, you can click into any element of your campaign and make changes as desired.
  • Once you’re finished editing and previewing your campaign, click “Publish” to save your changes.

How do I download my Groupon voucher?

How do I download my Groupon voucher

There are a few steps you need to follow in order to download your Groupon voucher.

  • First, you need to head to the My Groupons section on the app or website.
  • Once you’ve found your purchase, select See Details next to it.
  • On the app, you’ll need to select the order itself.
  • After you’ve done that, a new page will come up that says View Voucher.
  • From there, you can print out your voucher.

How do you cancel a Groupon?

If you need to cancel a Groupon, you can do so by logging in to your account on the Groupon website. Once you are logged in, select “My Stuff” and then “My Groupons.”

From there, you will be able to view the details of your Groupon and select “Edit Order.” On the next page, you will see the option to cancel your Groupon order.

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How do I save Groupon vouchers as PDF?

If you want to save your Groupon vouchers as PDFs, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to
  • Click on your profile picture.
  • Click View Voucher under the Groupon you want.
  • Right-click on the PDF and select Print.
  • Select a printer and click Print again to finish.

Where is my Groupon voucher?

If you’re having trouble finding your Groupon voucher, never fear! Here’s how to find it: Go to My Groupons. Once you’re there, select View Voucher. Your redemption code will be listed below your voucher’s barcode or under “Redemption Code.”

How do I print out a Groupon?

How do I print out a Groupon

To print out a Groupon, head to the My Groupons section on the app or website. Find the purchase you want to print and select See Details.

On the app, you will need to select the order itself. Once you have selected See Details or the order, a new page will open with the voucher details. From this page, you can print your voucher.

What happens when you cancel a Groupon?

If you cancel a Groupon within the first three days after purchase, you will be refunded the amount you paid. After that, all sales are final unless otherwise stated in the Fine Print.

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Do I have to print Groupon voucher?

For local deals, you’ll likely either print out the Groupon or pull it up on our mobile app with no need to print. To do either, click the “View Voucher” button.

For deals that require redemption on a merchant’s website, you will find specific instructions on the voucher itself.

Can you cancel a Groupon booking?

If you need to cancel your Groupon booking, you can do so by selecting View Details next to the Groupon in question. Once you’re on the app, select the order itself.

If your order meets the requirements for self-service cancellation, you’ll see an option to Cancel Order. Please keep in mind that not all orders are eligible for self-service cancellation.

Can’t find my Groupon purchase?

Cant find my Groupon purchase

If you’re having trouble finding your Groupon purchase, there are a few things you can do. You can check your order status in your account by going to My Groupons on the website or Contact Customer Support on the app.

Find the order in question and select See Details (website) or See Order Details (app). If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to customer support for more help.

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